Steam is absolutely smashing records!

Steam Has Officially Broken Its Active Player Record

It seems the current COVID-19 pandemic isn’t all doom and gloom for companies, as Steam announced it had officially broken its active player record over the weekend, bringing in over 7.25 million concurrent users.

The record was previously set in 2017 at 7.2 million users, meaning that for the third week running Steam has seen an astronomical number of players on its platform.

Just on Sunday alone, the platform had 23.4 million active users, beating the previous records of 22m which was only set last weekend.


With the release of DOOM Eternal and many other titles, it’s no wonder that the Government’s advice to stay at home has benefitted the gaming industry – as many take the time they normally wouldn’t have to immerse themselves into the digital world.

1.+Counter-Strike: Global Offensive1,079,8911,138,6391,138,639
2.+Dota 2696,026705,2061,295,114
3.+PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS502,805524,7163,257,248
4.+Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord203,768203,768203,768
5.+Grand Theft Auto V193,259198,917364,548
6.+Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege166,248175,527199,307
7.+Football Manager 2020144,985168,765189,464
8.+MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD120,843126,334334,684
9.+ARK: Survival Evolved96,546102,628157,400
10.+Destiny 284,53685,719292,513
12.+Team Fortress 274,14682,207122,938
14.+Source SDK Base 200767,49685,58286,357
15.+Path of Exile57,85076,155133,357
16.+Rocket League54,67593,925119,337
17.+Garry’s Mod49,55861,10273,863
18.+Euro Truck Simulator 246,68246,68248,356
19.+Dead by Daylight44,38549,40175,655
20.+Borderlands 344,10949,53793,820

Steam released their current game rankings, and it seems that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the reigning champion at the end of March. Interestingly enough, DOOM Eternal hasn’t found itself in the top 20 of the list, despite having the biggest Steam first day debut, bringing in numbers of over 100,000 concurrent users on its release.

Dota 2 comes in second in the rankings, with PUBG following suit until the numbers drop rather drastically in comparison for the rest of the listings.


With the world’s increased surge in online-gaming, it’s a wonder that internet connections are remaining as steady as they are, but hey – if it keeps people from leaving their homes and potentially endangering themselves and those around them during the Coronavirus pandemic then it’s already doing enough.

[Featured Image Credit: Steam / Valve]