Well, stranger things have happened.

Stranger Things DLC Is Leaving Dead By Daylight This November

Stranger Things is leaving Dead by Daylight this coming November, sparking a “Last Chance Sale” to grab the DLC before it’s gone.

In a blog post on DeadbyDaylight.com, it was announced that the popular Stranger Things crossover content will be leaving the asymmetrical multiplayer survival game. As of November 17th, 2021, players will no longer be able to purchase the DLC which includes The Demogorgon, Nancy Wheeler, and Steve Harrington playable characters.

It’s not revealed why the Stranger Things DLC is leaving, but it could be down to the licensing agreement with Netflix expiring. However, that is just speculation on my part.


Grab a bargain!

As a result of Stranger Things leaving Dead by Daylight, you can pick up some bargains. As of right now until November 17th, you can save up to 50% off the DLC. So, if you’ve been on the fence about whether to buy this DLC, now is a perfect time.

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Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Will you still have access to the Stranger Things DLC after November 17th?

Yes, you will (mostly). Anyone that has purchased the Stranger Things DLC will continue to have access to the content once November 17th has passed. However, those that have not purchased the Stranger Things DLC, will not be able to buy the content once that date has passed.

The Demogorgon, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington will still be playable after November 17th. However, character-specific perks and achievements will be adjusted to be generic. Unless you’ve already unlocked them, in which case they will remain as they were.

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What about the Hawkins National Laboratory Map?

Unfortunately, the gate access to the Upside Down Hawkins National Laboratory Map will no longer be available from November 17th. Which is a shame.

Are you disappointed that Stranger Things is leaving Dead by Daylight? Let us know across our social media channels. Further information about the Stranger Things content can be found on the Dead by Daylight FAQ page here.

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Featured Image Credit: Behaviour Interactive