Stray Will Be Coming To Xbox This August, Confirms Annapurna

Annapurna Interactive has finally announced that their cat adventure game Stray will be heading to Xbox this August. Here’s everything we know. 

With rumours circulating the past few months over Stray’s possible arrival to Xbox, it has now been confirmed. During yesterday’s Annapurna Interactive’s showcase, the announcement was made alongside news of a new Blade Runner game.

Stray Will Be Arriving To Xbox This August 

The beloved cat game first released to PlayStation and PC back in 2022. Now after a long wait, it is finally coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on August 10.

Stray was one of 2022’s most successful games as it told the story of a long feline as they explored an underground, futuristic society. With a cast of eccentric robots, a heartbreaking story and excellent game mechanics, it is no surprise that it sits at a “overwhelmingly positive” rating on Steam.

Our Review

As a result, here at Gamebyte we awarded Stray with a 9.5/10 rating. Our review was full of praise for the “almost purrfect” game.

“Stray is a game that you will think about even when you’re not playing it. Like a good book, its world pulls you in and you never want to put it down. It’s nice to see at least one cyberpunk game live up to the hype, eh?” wrote Joshua Boyles. 

Blade Runner?

As mentioned, the Annapurna Interactive showcase also announced their upcoming Blade Runner game. Set between the original 1982 movie and Blade Runner 2049, the game titled ‘Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth’ will be arriving to PC and consoles in the future. 

YouTube video

Although there is little news so far, the official Steam description offers some insight into what we can expect. 

“Set between the original film and 2049, Blade Runner 2033 takes place after the events of the Black Out and asks: what does a Blade Runner do when there are no Replicants left to hunt?”

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