Call of Duty Reveals A New Anti-Cheat Update Designed To “Disorient” Cheaters

With cheaters running rampant in Call of Duty, Activision has unveiled a new anti-cheat program designed to “disorient” players. 

It is no secret that Call of Duty players are used to running into cheaters in their lobbies. With the game hosting a large competitive scene, cheaters can be the difference between winning and losing. 

Despite many attempts to stop these players, Activision are now pulling out the big guns by updating their Richochet Anti-Cheat System. 

Call of Duty vs Hallucinations

The latest anti-cheat system is designed to “disorient” cheaters by spawning “hallucinations”. These will consist of ghost players who will only be visible to cheaters in an effort to not only confuse them but also highlight their illicit activities. 

“This method displays extra operators in game – not AI operators, but a mimic of a current in-game player – only for cheaters to see and make them believe there’s players in areas where they are not,” reads the Tweet by CharlieIntel. 

“Hallucinations look like real players to cheaters – only cheaters or suspected cheaters see them in-game.”

The Response

Despite Activision seemingly thinking outside of the box, some fans are not happy with the new update. 

“Nah bro what am i looking at… activision down for ANYTHING but an actual anti-cheat”, reads one Tweet.

“Doing everything but booting them from the match and banning them lol”, reads another.

It seems like a lot of Call of Duty players would rather Activision just outright ban any suspected cheaters. However, with perhaps thousands of reports per day, this could be an impossible task. Hopefully, this hallucination-style anti-cheat will make it a bit easier.

How the update will be received in-game remains to be seen but it will definitely make for some funny content. 

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