Streamer Accidentally Discovers Metal Gear Solid Speedrun Glitch

A variety streamer has rocked the Metal Gear Solid speedrunning community after accidentally discovering a brand new glitch within the game.

Boba Twitch stream Metal Gear Solid glitch
Credit: Twitch@boba

Highlighted by TheGamer, streamer Boba happened across the huge skip during a recent playthrough. However, while Boba wasn’t intentionally trying to speedrun the game, the glitch actually shaved 2 minutes off of the game’s runtime. This is thanks to Snake glitching through a locked door during the game’s notorious communication towers segment. While an ordinary playthrough requires players to traverse a stairwell multiple times, the newly found glitch skips this entirely.

So, what does this skip mean for Metal Gear Solid speedrunning? Well, for starters, it turns out the glitch is repeatable. Therefore, completion times for the game are about to get even more impressive. While the glitch will help to shave 2 minutes off of the existing Metal Gear Solid speedrunning record, it could also help other record breakers ascend through the ranks.

As thanks for the discovery, the glitch is now affectionately known as the “Boba skip”, after the streamer. Not only has Boba’s happy accident revolutionalised Metal Gear Solid speedrunning, but it has already helped NickRPGreen achieve a sub-30 minute run of the game.

YouTube video

Personally, I can’t wait to see what the community does with the new Metal Gear Solid Boba glitch. However, if one thing is certain, it’s that the next Games Done Quick is going to be a wild ride for MGS fans and speedrunning enthusiasts alike.

Have you tried the new Boba skip in Metal Gear Solid? Let us know on our social media channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Twitch@Boba/Konami