Streamer Films Reaction After Spending Full Week In VR Headset

A streamer has filmed his reaction to reality after spending a week in VR.

disruptY2K38 even showered while wearing the headset. You can check that out here.

He started a website where you could watch the experiment online. He wrote: “The subject believes Virtual & Augmented Reality will replace smartphones by 2038. He will be monitored by you, to analyze the effects of long-term simulation usage. He is attempting to come up with ways to remain sane, healthy, and productive.

“The subject may take 30 seconds to switch to a different headset for eating, sleeping, fitness, and showering. The subject’s living space has no windows, he will attempt to maintain his circadian rhythm via simulated day/night cycles.”

He even updated his fans with a tweet 24 hours after the experiment finished.

No matter your feelings on this experiment, you have to admit that it’s pretty cool. VR is getting much more popular as time goes on, and I imagine this is going to be a lot more common in the future.

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