Streamer’s Ban For Chun-Li Cosplay Shows Everything Wrong With Twitch

Twitch is rarely out of the headlines these days, and for good reason. The streaming platform has come under fire for its Terms of Service more than just once or twice, with lots of creators who ‘shouldn’t’ be banned receiving suspensions, whilst there’s also those who ‘should’ be banned but don’t get penalised at all.

Enter streamer Quqco, who’s recently received a suspension for cosplaying as Street Fighter’s Chun-Li, seemingly for no reason whatsoever.

Credit: Twitch

Speaking to Kotaku about the suspension, Quqco explained that she went to great lengths to ensure that her cosplay wasn’t going to get her channel in trouble with Twitch, even buying the outfit “one size up” to ensure Chun-Li’s thigh-high slits left everything to the imagination.

However, her 10/10 cosplay wasn’t something that complied with Twitch’s Community Guidelines…for some reason.

Quqco said to Kotaku that the suspension was due to a group of “trolls” who she claims have reported her en-masse to Twitch. “I am immediately reported because I’ve been branded a thot,” she told the publication.

Quqco is just the latest in a long list of people who feel they’ve been let down by Twitch’s policies. While suspensions and bans are seemingly being handed out for dubious reasons, there’s also those who aren’t getting penalised at all.

Credit: Capcom

There are now a number of streamers who’ve allegedly shared sexually suggestive content on their channels, as well as violence, animal abuse and racial slurs, with many of them not receiving any consequences from Twitch.

Sharing her story on Twitter, many people have responded to the streamer with a clip of her readjusting her camera. It’s being claimed that this clip is the reason behind her suspension due to the way her clothes ride up during the process.

Quqco responded to the video saying: “In this very clip, you can see that I’m fumbling with the camera and at the very end trying to pull the camera up. I’m not trying to direct the camera at my crotch- that is such a frightening narrative to paint me with.”

Quqco has reached out to Twitch for clarification on the suspension, but neither party has yet offered a public update at the time of writing.

Twitch definitely needs to take another look at its Community Guidelines…

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/quqco