Street Fighter 6 Players Can Remove Single-Player Mode To Save Storage

Street Fighter 6 includes a way to remove its single-player mode in order to create storage space for those who only wish to focus on multiplayer. 

With Street Fighter 6 finally launching worldwide tomorrow, Capcom has revealed that players will have the ability to uninstall single-player mode when they are done with it.

Although the fighting game has forgiving system requirements, system storage is still at a premium if you wish to install the game onto your SSD. 

Credit: Twisted Voxel

Street Fighter 6 Will Allow You To Remove Single-Player Mode

Luckily, players will have the ability to either install the game without single player OR uninstall it once they are done with it. This means they can keep the multiplayer modes without taking up unnecessary storage. 

With the multiplayer modes being the main focus of the game, this is perhaps a feature that many players will accept. Titles in the Street Fighter franchise have mostly focused on the multiplayer aspect which allow players to climb the ranks to become the best fighter. 

The single player mode will include World Tour which is perfect for players who are new to the franchise. It allows you to explore the world and get a feel of the mechanics.

However, once you get into the game’s multiplayer mode, there will be no reason to keep World Tour around. Luckily, you can remove it via Steam once you’re done with it. 

Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode

How to uninstall single player mode

All you have to do is head to the ‘Manage My DLC’ option in your Steam library. Once this window has opened, you can choose to install the World Tour mode which will result in a whopping 18GB of space being freed. 

Additionally, if you wish to install the game without this option from the start, this is also available to do. 

Street Fighter 6 launches on June 2 for PlayStation 4&5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Learn more about the fighting game here.

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