Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League has been delayed again

It has been announced that the upcoming Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League has been delayed yet again. Let’s see how long we have to wait.

Yesterday saw Warner Bros. Games and Rocksteady Studios announce that their upcoming action-adventure third-person shooter has been delayed for the fourth time. With this many delays under its belt, it is perhaps no surprise that we have received another but it is disappointing all the same. 

Screenshot of Harley Quinn taken from Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League
Credit: Rocksteady Studios

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Delays

The game based on the DC comics and movies with the same name was originally supposed to launch in 2022. However, this was extended until 2023. Now in 2023, the studios revealed a few months ago that the release date would be May 26. 

This announcement was accompanied by a gameplay reveal. However, fans were not too pleased with this reveal mainly due to the game’s game-as-a-service elements. Not only that, but it would require an internet connection even for solo play. This backlash saw Bloomberg report that the game would be delayed further.  

Another year to wait 

Now it seems as though the game will not be launching in May but instead on February 2, 2024! This is a massive delay but the official Twitter page released a statement talking about their reasoning. 

The statement reads: “We have made the tough but necessary decision to take the time needed to work on getting the game to be the best quality experience for players. Thank you to our amazing community for the continued support, patience and understanding. There is much more to share in the months ahead and we look forward to seeing you in Metropolis next year.”

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So it seems we have to wait even longer to enter the Metropolis. However, with the team hoping to provide the best experience for players, hopefully this was the right decision.

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