Super Buckyball Tournament Is Overwatch Meets Rocket League

If you’re looking for a new competitive sports game to get your teeth into then Super Buckyball Tournament is going to be right up your alley. Developed by the same studio as life sim, My Time At Portia, Super Buckyball Tournament promises to be the ultimate mash-up of Rocket League and Overwatch.

Credit: Pathea Games

The game will see you challenge your opponents in 3v3 multiplayer matches. Each six minute match features “real-time physics-based core play” and a multitude of characters to choose from as you take on soccer like never before.

The game’s official description reads as follows: “Challenge your friends in the open development of Super Buckyball Tournament! Rip across the field with a growing roster of awesome characters, wield game-changing abilities and ultimate moves, and destroy the competition. Intense, competitive six-minute matches await!”

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With a focus on strategy and style, plus real-time physics-based core play, you’ll be able to enjoy a new experience every time you start a match.

Over on the Steam page, the development team thanked fans for their feedback during this, the early testing stages of the game.

Credit: Pathea Games

“The development has been following our vision for the game which is to make a highly competitive 3rd person sports game with a strong emphasis on teamplay,” writes the SBT devs.

“In order to develop the game in this direction, we have been trying to emulate certain aspects of real-life sports to find which elements create a stronger sense of competition and which elements create more reliance on teamwork. We have put a lot of work, sweat and blood and tears into this game. Actually, not so much blood, but many evenings of overtime for sure.”

Credit: Pathea Games

The “ability-based 3v3 online multiplayer sports game” is still in its testing phases, but you can trial it out for yourself over on Steam.

Featured Image Credit: Pathea Games