Super Nintendo World Is Being Recreated In Minecraft

It’s been tough going for Nintendo when it comes to Super Nintendo World. The park’s grand opening has been delayed twice due to the pandemic, a necessary but unfortunate decision nevertheless. Fortunately, fans can now get a taste for what it’ll be like to walk the bricks of the Mushroom Kingdom, thanks to the power of Minecraft.

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According to a Zelda Universe report, you can now visit a Minecraft map that is a 1:1 recreation of Super Nintendo World, complete with replica attractions and merch shops. Created by Dippy22, this map has been built using promotional footage, allowing the Minecrafter to accurately recreate the experience.

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Images of the project were first posted to Dippy22’s Planet Minecraft page, along with the following blurb:

minecraft mario

SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, JAPAN was just officially confirmed to have an opening date in early 2021 at Universal Studios Japan. If you may recall, I created a fan adaption of the land last year based on some early concept art. Now, as more footage and promotions begin to release, I am finally able to recreate the entire land faithfully on a 1:1 scale.”

The builder’s page claims that the project is currently 45% complete, but the virtual park is already looking super impressive! Hopefully, as things progress, players will be able to ride the park’s attractions, like the Super Mario Train that resides at the real-life park.

minecraft mario

If you require a more realistic tour, you can also get a basic tour of the park on the Super Nintendo World website. While this tour will also only give you a glimpse of what the park looks like, it’s still a fairly fun experience.

Are you looking forward to exploring Japan’s Super Nintendo World within Minecraft?

super nintendo world theme park
Credit: Universal Studios Japan

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