Superliminal Super Rare Games Unboxing – They’ve Done It Again

Superliminal Super Rare Games physical release (numbered SRG#68) represents gamers’ need for physical game collections. Whilst digital sales and preferences are on the rise, the idea of digital ownership and always being able to access purchased games is a grey area in 2022.

Archvale Switch Physical Release – How Awesome Is Super Rare?

Superliminal Super Rare Games Unboxing

It’s a good job that Super Rare games are around to give digital indie releases a new breath of life after being released on the Nintendo Switch eShop. This time around, Super Rare have brought us a limited run of Superliminal that’s capped at 3,000 copies.

Here’s what’s included in this physical release:

– Fully assembled Nintendo Switch game with cartridge
– Interior art
– Full-colour manual
– Exclusive sticker
– Set of 3 card trading card pack 

Superliminal is a first-person puzzler with forced perspective, and optical illusions are thrown into the mix to create an unexpected and engrossing puzzle experience.

Packaged well – Superliminal Super Rare Games

SRG#68 is packaged well (as usual) with a full bubble wrap envelope and sent in a corrugated cardboard envelope. The usual “Thank you for your purchase” card with all the social media channels for Super Rare and a nice message to boot.

It’s the little things that count with Super Rare releases, and it’s a nice package for collectors. A neatly folded plastic wrap is held together with a Super Rare sticker screaming to be opened.

Let’s Look Inside – Superliminal Super Rare Games

Here’s the money shot. The collectable cards show a selection of in-game environments and are high quality. There’s also the themed Super Rare sticker that should look grand with the rest, with a Nintendo Switch cart present as it should be.

The Manual

The manual is a nice extra to look at and makes one realise how much we all used to take game manuals for granted. It’s all themed to the game and dives into its experiment narrative, giving players that extra reason to dive into Superliminal head first.

Superliminal’s Super Rare Games release can be found on SRG’s official store for £34.80/$35.46/34.05€.

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Featured Image Credit: Super Rare Games/GameByte