Survey Finds 52% Of Anthem Players Have Already Quit The Game For Good

Uh-oh, EA.

Credit: BioWare/EA

A new survey has found that more than 50% of Anthem players have already stopped playing the game for good, despite it being less than two months old.

The game, released by BioWare and EA earlier this year, had incredibly high hopes for its reception and sales, but players complained of the online multiplayer being too buggy, too slow and unfinished.

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Credit: BioWare/EA

Reddit user and Anthem player SyntaxTheGr8 decided to conduct an experiment to see what fellow players really thought of the title, and it seems to be as bad as it sounds.

The survey, which saw over a thousand responses, 1,000 responses, has been broken down into some lovely brightly-coloured pie charts which you can check out here.

The questions asked things like how long Anthem players had played the title for, what other shooters they played, and if they’d experienced bugs in the game.


An eye-watering 49.9% of players answered saying that they’d seen “Many” bugs in the game, while 20.4% of players admitted they’d witnessed bugs that had actually affected their hardware. Yikes.

Credit: BioWare/EA

For the game’s looting system, 55.8% of players rated it a one out of five.

Then came the crushing blow for BioWare and EA’s title: when asked “How much longer do you think you’ll be playing Anthem on an active scale?” 59.2% of players said they’d “already quit.”

19.4% of people said they’re “considering quitting,” and 16.9% of players said they have no plans to quit anytime soon.

Credit: SyntaxTheGr8

Just last month, Anthem fans started a boycott via Reddit as a protest to BioWare and EA.

The post read: “Protest to revert Loot drop changes. Bring back the Bug and let us taste the Lootshower. Stop Playing From 03/11/2019-03/15/2019 or 11/03/2019-15/03/2019 for us Europeans to make a Point. Show them what we think by sheer player numbers alone!

“You’re P*ssed? You want to make a point once and for all? Well, what could hurt a game that has Real Money transactions for cosmetics (lol, yeah there are nearly none i know) or is a live service more than anything?”

EA and BioWare definitely missed the mark with Anthem

Featured Image Credit: BioWare/EA

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