Techland Denies Claims That Dying Light 2 Is In Serious Trouble

While the world patiently waits for the release of Dying Light 2, rumours have suggested developer Techland is struggling with the upcoming game. The news originally came from Polish gaming website, Polski Gamedev. A translation of the report began to make the rounds on social media, where it was claimed that employees at the company are very much struggling to get the game into shape.

“Low morale,” higher ups with “no idea what they’re doing” and crunch were all mentioned in the translated report, with the overall summary of the game being: “a total mess.”

Credit: Techland

Techland has now spoken out against the claims and the report, stating that all is well at the company, and Dying Light 2 is in “good shape.”

Techland’s Senior PR manager Ola Sondej has blamed the issue on mistranslation, stating that the original Polish report was incorrectly translated before being spread online. She dubbed it as “totally inaccurate,” before assuring gamers that Dying Light 2 “IS coming.”

Credit: Techland

She tweeted: “In case you guys wondered, Techland was not acquired by another publisher. We’re still an independent studio, and will deliver Dying Light 2 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4…

“On that note, the translation of the Techland article floating around is totally inaccurate.”

I’m not all too sure what’s happening here, but hopefully this really is just an error.

Dying Light 2 was originally scheduled to release in Spring 2020, but has since been delayed to an unknown date. The delay was announced pre-coronavirus, and it’s not known how much the global pandemic may have impacted the game’s development.

Credit: Techland

As far as we know, the game is still coming sometime in 2020, though with the next generation of console gaming on the horizon, Techland may struggle to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as planned.

Featured Image Credit: Techland