Teenager Assaulted By Man For Beating His Son In A Video Game

Video games can teach lessons, they can mend broken hearts, they can help you form friendships, and occasionally they can land you in hospital.

Although gaming-related violence is usually pretty rare, we do sometimes hear about people taking the competition way too far.

Credit: Nintendo


Over in Seremban, Malaysia, a father has been arrested for assaulting a 19-year-old who beat his son in a video game. The two boys were reportedly playing an unnamed video game in a store together, but a difference in skill level turned violent.

According to reports, the man offered the teenager a bribe to let his son win the game to which the 19-year-old agreed. He then apparently took the money but continued to win against the much-younger competitor – sending the father into a frenzy.

The man threw a chair at the 19-year-old before repeatedly punching and kicking him. The teenager’s wounds were so severe, he ended up in hospital with broken ribs, bruises, punctured lungs and a shattered spine.

Credit: GameByte


The brutal and vicious attack was caught on camera, leading to the arrest of the man.

According to reports from The Sun, three other men were also arrested for joining in the fight, though not too much more is known about this. In a video captured by a bystander, which you can see below, the gang of men can clearly be seen targeting the teen.

Credit: GameByte


The video, shared on Twitter, states: “Video taken by bystander on 13/1/2019 at Seremban.

“A lone high school student was beaten up by 5 to 6 men just because of misunderstanding on electronic games.

“The victim is in ICU due to broken ribs

“Police are on the hunt for the rest of the gang, one is apprehended.”

Featured Image Credit: Viz HD TV/Namco