Someone’s Selling The Worlds Largest PAC-MAN Arcade Machine On eBay

eBay is an actual treasure trove of nostalgia if you know where to look, and one seller is getting rid of an absolute gem of gaming history.

Seller homeclick2015 is offering up the world’s largest PAC-MAN arcade machine, featuring one of the impressive screens we’ve ever seen ever.

Credit: eBay/homeclick2015


The product’s description reads: “Have you ever wanted to play your favourite game on a video billboard? Well here is your chance to play the classics like you never have before. Raw Thrills will light up your room with the Worlds Largest PAC-MAN…


  • The worlds first 2 player simultaneous gameplay- The updated gameplay includes 2 player simultaneous play in PAC-MAN. Players can cooperate to complete the mazes in PAC-MAN. This feature is brand new to the original PAC-MAN game and increases the potential for collections by allowing the customer to play with someone.
  • Different Colours- During 2 Player simultaneous play, the controllable characters will be a different colour to avoid player confusion.
  • PAC-MAN- Player 1 will control a classic yellow PAC-MAN and player 2 will control a green PAC-MAN.
  • Continue- Another new addition to Worlds Largest PAC-MAN is the ability to purchase a continue after you lose your last life. In the PAC-MAN games, the player would have to start over from the beginning but now, they can continue from where they left off to try and break the high score.
  • New High Score Tables- Worlds Largest PAC-MAN has brand new high score tables for PAC-MAN. These tables have been updated from the original games to allow more names to appear as well as longer.
  • Unique Bragging Screens- PAC-MAN will now have a screen of accomplishments at the end of each completed level that shows which player ate the most dots, ate the most ghost, etc. that summarizes the players accomplishments.
  • Adjustable Lives- Easily adjust the number of lives given to the player for PAC-MAN.
  • This arcade game can be coin operated or free play.”
Credit: eBay/homeclick2015


If you’re not already blown away, you’ll be playing on a 108 LED display and standing on themed PAC-MAN carpet.

The machine is – understandably – huge, but if you can afford it you’ve probably got enough space in your mansion…

If you’ve got your heart set on this machine, it’ll set you back a huge £27, 599.98 GPB (roughly $35,865 USD).

Still, if you’ve got the cash, this is a pretty sweet set-up to have.

Credit: Namco



Featured Image Credit:  eBay/homeclick2015/Namco