The peculiar puzzler is now portable!

Tetris Effect Connected Is Coming To Switch In October

Nintendo has revealed that Tetris Effect Connected is coming to the Switch later this year during its Indie World Showcase [via VG247].

Tetris Effect Connected Screenshot
Credit: Enhance

Once a timed Xbox exclusive, Tetris Effect Connected is a multiplayer enhanced version of the original 2018 experience. The original game is essentially a mesmerising take on the original puzzle game’s format fueled with hallucinogenic visuals. Of course, if you’ve played the likes of the Dreamcast classic REZ, you’ll already be familiar with Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s unique take on immersion.

Thankfully, it looks like the handheld version of Tetris Effect Connected is set to be the same as every other version. Switch owners will also be happy to know that all versions of the game will feature crossplay. This means players will be able to puzzle it out with each other regardless of what system they own. I mean, it is 2021. At this point, we should probably demand crossplay from publishers.

YouTube video

So, there you have it; Teris Effect Connected is heading to console both portable and powerful this year. Sadly, Mizuguchi’s next game, Humanity, has been delayed. Therefore, you’ll need to either rely on Tetris Effect or REZ Infinite for a trippy fix. At least until we actually get a release date for the new game, that is.

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Featured Image Credit: Enhance