Thailand’s Elden Ring Ad Is The Weirdest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Trailers are normally meant to show off a game, but a recent Thai Elden Ring ad is basically its own, unique short film.

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In the lead up to the launch of Elden Ring, the game has received a variety of trailers. There was of course the iconic launch trailer, the story trailer, the big gameplay overview finally showing it off last year. And of course there was the launch trailer which truly got us excited.

But none of them have anything on one particular Thai ad for Elden Ring. Posted to Twitter by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, as seen below, the Thai trailer is mostly just a short film. 

It starts with a woman dropping a ring, which happens to be a family heirloom, and her family all get angry about it. Her presumed husband tells her off, saying what will grandmother think about it. The grandmother sees the ensuing argument, and just walks off.

It’s pretty clear what this is in reference to in the game itself. But then we cut to a shot of a young man in a taxi reminiscing on his childhood. One moment shows him being told off by his mother, the same woman who dropped the ring.

Another shows him riding around on a cardboard horse called… you guessed it, Torrent. And another shows him and a friend trying to get a large lizard called Agheel, named after one of the dragons in the game.

how does it end?

When the grown up version of the son finally arrives at his destination, he finds his family bickering over the pieces of the shattered ring. Again, sound familiar? Then, grandmother returns, ceasing the argument by saying “Everything will be fine when the Tarnished returns.”

Then finally, after this three minute saga, some gameplay is shown off. It is quite the journey, and well worth the full watch. As it really is quite a wild ad for a game like Elden Ring. If you aren’t interested in playing Elden Ring, at the very least you get a nice short film.

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Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco/ FromSoftware