The 14ft tall LEGO Bowser statue is pure nightmare fuel

LEGO unveils a 14ft Bowser build, made up of 663,900 bricks to be displayed at SDCC 2022.

Can’t wait until the release of LEGO’s Mighty Bowser set? Then head on down to San Diego Comic-Con this week to feast your eyes on this 14ft tall Bowser statue.

This “king-sized” Bowser, as Nintendo has dubbed it, was revealed on Nintendo of America’s Twitter page yesterday. Originally teased online,  the now unveiled build comprises a staggering 663,900 bricks. It looks tall enough to be a to-scale replica of the iconic Super Mario baddie. Standing at 14ft, the build is articulated at the thumbs, eyes and eyebrows, which makes him all the more intimidating.

If you’re lucky enough to be attending this year’s SDCC, which is running from the 21st-24th of July, you’ll be able to see this impressive LEGO build in person. This colossal-sized Bowser would make for a perfect photo opportunity. Especially if you happen to be cosplaying any Super Mario characters at the pop-culture convention.

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From King-size to Kid-size

lego bowser
Credit: LEGO / Nintendo.

If attending SDCC is out of any realm of possibility, LEGO’s The Mighty Bowser set is still available to pre-order. Set to release on October 1st, this Bowser will actually fit inside your home.

Consisting of only 2,807 bricks, The Mighty Bowser also has areas of articulation. Though not at the same intimidating level as its 14ft equivalent. Buttons can be found on the side of the build, which allows you to move Bowser’s head and shoot out fire projectiles.

Lifting the finished set will cause Bowser’s legs to drop, creating the impression that he’s a living-breathing Koopa, and not made of tiny bits of plastic. The set also comes with a stage and two lit fire torches, fit for any King of Koopas.

If you already own the LEGO Super Mario starter set, which came with the Super Mario figure, he is interactable with The Mighty Bowser set. By hitting particular points with the figure, sounds will emit from Mario, recreating one of their fierce battles as seen in the Super Mario video games.

I doubt the 14ft Bowser will be interactable with your small LEGO Super Mario figure. But if you happen to be going to SDCC, he’d be perfect to take along with you for an amusing size comparison!

Featured Image Credit: LEGO / Nintendo. Source: Twitter.