The Avengers: Endgame Plot Has Been ‘Leaked’ In Its Entirety Online

As Marvel fans gear up for the studio’s biggest film in its extremely impressive history we all have our own theories on how things are going to pan out for the Avengers.

Up until now, there’s nothing really concrete to go off – there’s been a few occasional comments from the cast but nowhere near enough to formulate anything too meaningful.

However a new leak that has found its way onto Reddit courtesy of someone who claims to have worked on the movie.

The user, aptly named ImLeaking, has shared the general outline of the plot as well as the fates of the biggest characters.

Of course, there’s no way to really verify whether or not the Reddit user did in fact work on the movie, so it’s worth taking the following information with a pinch of salt.

Posted in the MarvelStudiosSpoilers thread, ImLeaking claims to have worked for one of the production companies on a contract basis. They said the production company had their contract terminated though, after someone (not themselves) was found to be leaking information.


One of the major talking points to come from the ‘leak’ is that apparently the Russo Brothers didn’t want to include Captain Marvel at all on Infinity War or Endgame. It was Disney and Marvel that wanted to introduce Carol Danvers.

Apparently Disney were prepared for the Captain Marvel movie to face challenges too, which caused conflicts between Brie Larson’s agency after Captain America and Black Widow shot the exact same scenes in case the movie flopped.

Here are the rest of the major points taken from the leak:

  • Captain Marvel has an alliance with the Nova Force.

  • The movie starts with Captain Marvel investigating a distress call from Xandar before the decimation.

  • Rhomann Dey’s family gets dusted in from of him and Captain Marvel. CM gets a notification from Fury but she can’t go because Rhomann Dey is going after Thanos and she wasn’t able to convince him.

  • CM owes to the Nova Troop and specially to Rhomann because she wasn’t around when Ronan attacked.

  • Ant-Man will explore the Quantum Realm before falling on a time vortex (that based on the arts I’ve seen it looks more like stream). He thinks he made a bad decision when he realizes he’s in 1996, right after Captain Marvel leaves.

  • The thing is, he had to go to this specific timeline to get a Kree device from Fury.

  • Fury thinks Scott Lang is a Skrull and he nicely jokes that “Oh god… I almost didn’t recognize you without the eyepatch. You are the spy that helped me to get home arrest after helping Captain America”.

  • This is how Nick Fury discovers Captain America was still alive.

  • In the Benatar, Tony and Nebula learn that Rocket started the installation of a Quantum System that makes possible to jump between different points on the Universe, but they don’t have enough power. Nebula finds out one remaining Anulax Battery on the Benatar and that’s how they’ll power it up and with parts inside the ship they finish the job. The scene on the Super Bowl Spot in the Avengers facility is when they’re arriving (Paul Rudd and Sean Gunn are in that scene by the way). Rocket is the one saving them from crashing on Earth.

  • The Rescue suit is created after Tony returns. Pepper will end up saving him at the.

  • Dey and Marvel will arrive in Titan 2 and they’ll see Thanos standing still waiting for them with the damaged Gauntlet. The thing is, he thought his work was done and he never bothered to recover the Gauntlet. Thanos recovers the Gauntlet with the Reality, Power and the Time Stone. Captain Marvel attacks with all she got but she can’t keep up with the Gauntlet. Thanos will hold CM by the neck and he knows her powers come from the Space Stone. He starts to extract the energy from her with the power stone and delivers is back to the Space Stone but Rhomann Dey interfered, preventing Thanos from killing her. Yes, you’ve got to check his suit. It’s full Nova Force.

  • The Avengers suits are created as a life support for the Quantum Realm and the outterspace.

  • Yes, they’re revisiting the past movies. Ultron is in the movie but only when they visit the events of Age Of Ultron and they’re using previously footage from James Spader that he recorded in 2014. Spader only returned to voice over for Endgame.

  • They’re not stealing the stones in the past, they’re copying each of them.

  • They have a lot of data from Vision and they know the molecular structure of it, it’s similar to the one created by Tony Stark in one of his movies.

  • The professor Hulk is controlled using the BARF technology.

  • They tried a prototype using Vibranium but it fails for being unstable. They end up building the Gauntlet with Uru metal from Mjolnir thad ended up on Yakuza’s hands. Barton/Ronin is there to recover all the pieces of it from their hands.

  • The Gauntlet was forged to fit the Hulk. The only two capable of using it is Thor and Hulk due to their neural system.

  • Vision will live as an IA for while and he’s helping them on the job.

  • Thanos will hunt them down through time. As expected, the Time Stone belonging to a younger Doctor Strange was given to Thanos. The dead men’s spell comes into action and Thanos remains stuck at the events of the first Avengers buying time for them.

  • Thanos knows the consequences of changing the past.

  • Doctor Strange is sort of acting like Adam Warlock guiding the Avengers. Yes, the Ancient One is in the movie. They’ll visit her for the Time Stone.

  • Captain Marvel will only interact with the Avengers in the third act.

  • That scene where Rocket opens a door on the trailer it’s a CGI shot composed by real footage from Cove Harbour, Scotland. They’re looking for the Asgardian survivors, specially Valkyrie.

  • Yes, they’ll enter Valhalla because they need the Valkyries legion. Yes, Thor will speak to Frigga and Odin.

  • Yes, Captain Marvel can time travel using the Kree device with a lot of limitations. The same one Scott Lang brought with him.

  • They’ll fail on different scenarios, forcing them to jump to other time to try another stone.

  • Yes, the creative team decided to tone down Captain Marvel for this movie. So, Thanos extracted a good amount of her powers.

  • Thanos will find them in Xandar but the line “we should just cut the wire” is real but it was never placed on Xandar. It’s on Earth. This is one of the scenes I mentioned earlier that was written originally with Captain Marvel, arriving and punching Thanos. I know they did the same scene with Thor.

  • They end up completing the Gauntlet with the Time Stone. All the Avengers fighting Thanos to hold him off while the Hulk brings all of them back, but his arm explodes. Captain America runs to the Gauntlet and Tony tries to help him but he says “no, Tony. Sometimes we can’t just cut the wire” and he ends up finishing the job, wielding the Gauntlet while ending up up disintegrating as the result of the power.

  • Captain America brings back everyone ah the cost of his life and the Gauntlet. This will blow your mind, but it’s literally everyone against Thanos exactly like in the comics. It was a huge, huge scene and it took 5 months of planning. There was a few cases here and there of additional scenes with the actors. Everyone that turned into dust was repaired. As far as I know, Gamora is dead for good.

  • Thanos is defeated and the Infinity Stones destroyed but with the destruction of the Stones, it ends freeing a cosmic entity that will be the next huge thing for the MCU. At least for now, Thanos is dead.

Finally the movie will apparently end with Captain America’s funeral and Tony Stark retiring. Which we all kind of expected anyway.


Words by Brad Lengden