YouTuber Arrested For Threatening Google Over Channel Deletion Finds Out It Was His Wife

33-year-old YouTuber Kyle Long has been arrested during a mission to threaten Google over the deletion of his YT account – before finding out it was his wife.

Long reportedly drove from his home in Maine to California to speak to Google directly, and with three baseball bats found in his car, I can’t imagine it was going to be a very friendly chat.

Credit: YouTube

NBC reports that the police were alerted to Long’s mission after a gas station contacted them, claiming he’d vandalised their public restroom. Although the gas station didn’t want to take any further against against Long, the police were concerned about the YouTuber’s flight of fancy.

He was arrested just a few miles away from Google’s headquarters, where he told officers he was angry with the company for deleted his channel.

Credit: YouTube

The story took a very sudden – and a little bit of an embarrassing – turn when Long’s father told NBC that it was none other than his son’s wife who deleted the channel, and that Google wasn’t involved at all.

Long’s father said on the situation: “[My son’s] wife took it down as soon as he put it up. It was dumb. It was crazy. He showed it to me and it was the most bizarre thing. It wasn’t reality.”

Credit: YouTube

Long’s wife has not commented on the misunderstanding (if that’s even what it was).

Mountain View Police confirmed: “On Friday, Mountain View police received notification from Iowa State Patrol notifying us that they had recently been in contact with Waterville, Maine resident Kyle Long, 33. Iowa State Patrol had spoken with Long twice that day, once after his vehicle was involved in a non-injury collision and a second time after he vandalized a restroom at a gas station store a short time later. 

“Long informed state troopers that he was on his way to Mountain View, California, to meet with Google after his YouTube channel had been shut down, which he claimed was resulting in him losing money. “

Feature Image Credit: Google