The Callisto Protocol death animations not locked behind a paywall

The Callisto Protocol death animations are not being locked behind a paywall, Striking Distance Studios’ CEO, Glen Schofield has confirmed.

The Callisto Protocol arrives next month and the highly anticipated sci-fi horror is considered to be the spiritual successor to Dead Space. After all, the project is being led by one of Dead Space’s co-creators, Glen Schofield.

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Death scenes aren’t being held back, kind of

However, this week reports were making the rounds that developers Striking Distance Studios were holding some death animations behind The Callisto Protocol season pass. A listing on the game’s Steam page revealed details of its upcoming paid content.

The season pass will include story DLC, cosmetics, a new waved-based mode, as well as a higher difficulty mode. Furthermore, listed in the Contagion Bundle it reads: “thirteen new Jacob death animations”. What’s more, the Riot Bundle also includes: “twelve new enemy death animations”.

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Credit: Striking Distance Studios

The possibility of death animations being locked behind a season pass paywall sent the internet into a bit of a frenzy, and rightly so. If this was the case, it would feel like a cheap shot to fans locking something as mundane as death animations behind a season pass. Thankfully, that isn’t quite the case.

Striking Distance Studios CEO and director of The Callisto Protocol clarified the confusion of the season pass and its death animations.

To be clear: We’re not holding anything back from the main game for the season pass. We haven’t even started work on this content yet,” tweeted Schofield.

It’s all new stuff that we’ll be working on in the new year. Fans have asked for EVEN MORE deaths, so we’re making it a priority next year.

In other words, not only will The Callisto Protocol have new story DLC and modes, but it will likely have new enemies and environments. As a result, new death animations are also being created to accompany the new content.

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Credit: Striking Distance Studios

The Callisto Protocol is nearly here!

So, there you have it, no one is missing out on content from the base game. However, additional season pass content is being developed post-launch. 

Are you looking forward to this new survival horror? Let us know across our social media channels. The Callisto Protocol releases next month on December 2nd for PC, PlayStation as well as Xbox.

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Featured Image Credit: Striking Distance Studios/Source: Twitter