The Division 2 Introduces Wall Built By Mexicans To Keep Out US Refugees

Ubisoft’s next Tom Clancy game, The Division 2, is nearly here and the company’s marketing team has gone wild with its promotions for the upcoming title.

Credit: Ubisoft

Over on Twitter, a faux press release from the official account of The Division 2 has seriously impressed a lot of players with a somewhat controversial joke about the President of the United States and a wall in Mexico [via Unilad].

The tweet shows off a letter reading: “Today, Mexico announced a State of Emergency due to instability within the United States government, the risk of those fleeing into Mexico and the possible spread of the virus that has crippled Washington D.C. Along with the announcement, Mexico approved fully funding a border wall and will begin work immediately. The bored is closed.”

Credit: Ubisoft

The (fictional) memo also adds a statement from the (fictional) President of Mexico, who (fictionally) says: “‘We have already seen a caravan of u.S citizens from the East Coast arrive at our border hoping to enter our country for protection, services and to escape the Dark Zones of anarchy and chaos.'”

Check out the tweet in full below.

Credit: Ubisoft

The in-your-face mocking of Donald Trump and his desire to build a wall to prevent Mexican immigrants entering the United States is all too clear here, and Twitter can’t get enough of the joke.

Of course, not everyone was impressed with the joke, because in the game of politics, you either win or die.

Well played, Ubisoft.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft