The DualSense is an “Industry Game Changer” According to Dirt 5 Dev

The first PlayStation 5 gameplay footage has been released for Dirt 5 and a Codemasters developer has described the DualSense controller as an “industry game-changer”.

The DualSense controller is Sony’s next-generation controller for the it’s next-generation gaming and it comes packed with brand new features to take our experience to the next-level.

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The two hyped features of the DualSense controller are the Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback. When playing a racing game like Dirt 5, the Adaptive Triggers and Haptic will have us feeling the weight of the peddles. Not only that but the bumps of the terrain will be felt like never before.

In the gameplay video revealing a special look at Dirt 5 on the PlayStation 5, Codemasters technical director David Springate said that the DualSense makes Dirt 5 “feel like no other racing game“.

You can read more about the DualSense in our first impressions review of the PlayStation 5 here.

YouTube video

Springate not only spoke about his excitement for the DualSense controller but also how Dirt 5 can run up to 120 frames-per-second on compatible 4K TV’s.

I’m not one to expect every next-gen to run at 120 frames-per-second. Especially with certain slower-paced games, it’s a tough ask. But having a racer run at a super-smooth frame-rate should make for quite the experience.

What About The Sound Of Dirt 5?

Springate also went on to speak about the immersive Tempest 3D AudioTech of the PS5. He claims that you can connect a regular pair of headphones and still experience 7.1 surround sound.

That is not all! The Codemasters technical director also stated that when speeding around the racetrack, you can hear the soundtrack playing through the in-game speakers placed around the race course.

This means that you can hear music being played at different points. The sounds will adjust to various distances as you drive to and from the in-game race track speakers.

YouTube video

DiRT 5 is available now for PC, Xbox One and PS4.  It will then be available for Xbox Series X|S on November 10th and for PS5 on November 12th in North America and Australia, then for the rest of the world on November 19th.

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Featured Image Credit: Codemasters