Worms Rumble Looks Like the Most Ridiculous Battle Royale Game Yet

A new gameplay trailer for Worms Rumble has been released by developer and publisher Team 17.

The trailer in question shows-off the hectic and crazy gameplay sequences that you can expect to see on this modern twist of the popular multiplayer classic.

YouTube video

Worms Rumble will feature its own version of the battle royale formula. While this genre might turn-away some series purist, if you think about it, the Worms series has always kinda been like a battle royale game.

The new gameplay video also showcases the ridiculous weapons both new and old to the series. It also has some character classes such as the Medic and some of the funky cosmetics that you will be able to earn in-game.

If that wasn’t enough Worms goodness for your day, the open-beta for Worms Rumble has launched on PS4 for PlayStation Plus subscribers. PC players can also get in on the fun via Steam

Screenshot of worms rumble
Credit: Team17 Digital Ltd

Worms Rumble will be available to download from both the PS4 and Steam platform stores. It will also feature cross-play during the beta for participating PS4 and PC players.

In the open-beta, we will be introduced to a brand new map called the Transforming Towers. As you can guess, this transforming map will transform on-the-fly during gameplay.

The open-beta will also grant access to the two battle royale modes Last Worm Standing and Last Squad Standing for solo and team players. It will also offer players classic Team Deathmatch. 

What Else Is Cool About Worms Rumble?

Screenshot of worms rumble
Credit: Team17 Digital Ltd

Each of the modes in Worms Rumble will be playable in real-time (not turn-based). With up to 32 players, this game will cause utter destructive multiplayer mayhem.

The open-beta will run for a total of three days. It begins today and will end on Monday, November 9th at 8am GMT/3am EDT/12am PDT.

Chris Coates, Head of Studio at Team 17 said: “We’re extremely excited to throw open the doors and give players a glimpse into Worms Rumble ahead of its release next month.”

Worms Rumble will be released for PC, PS4 and PS5 on December 1st. It will feature cross-play across all three platforms.

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Featured Image Credit: Team17 Digital Ltd