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The Dying Light 2 Map Is Twice The Size The Original Game

The Dying Light 2 map is apparently double the size of its predecessors, according to the game’s developer [via TheGamer].

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During a recent AMA, the Dying Light 2 Lead Game Designer, Tymon Smektała, revealed that the game’s map would be almost seven square kilometres (which is around 4 miles). Smektała also provided an example of how large Dying Light 2’s environment is by comparing it to the first game:

“If you have played the first game, I think it will be easy for you to imagine how big the map will be; you just take the slums, you take the old town, you combine them, and you double the number, and that’s roughly the size of the game space in Dying Light 2″

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While Smektała did provide some figures to back up his size claims, the designer also elaborated on the game’s vertically adds to the expansive nature of its maps:

“If you want to know the number, it’s more than six square km big. Almost seven square km. But that’s a simple answer which doesn’t take into account the verticality of the world. So just imagine there are hundreds of buildings, and each one of them has at least a couple of floors. There are even Skyscrapers, there are roofs, bridges, all of that stuff. So you can imagine how big the actual space you’ll be playing in is.”

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Interestingly, while Dying Light 2 is going to be bigger than ever, the game won’t apparently feature vehicles or firearms. Instead, players will have to rely on melee weapons and crafted projectiles whilst traversing the game’s apocalyptic world on foot. While the game will have a limited-use shotgun, the game will otherwise omit guns from the experience.

Techland’s hasn’t announced a release date for Dying Light 2. However, the game is expected to release at some point in 2021. The Dying Light sequel is also set to feature a 4K resolution and 60FPS gameplay, making for a true next-gen experience. 


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