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‘The End’ Of Fortnite Teased By Epic Games

My beautiful friend, the end.

Credit: Epic Games

Although there’s still plenty of people out there who still love Epic Games’ Fortnite, there’s still millions of people who can’t stand the battle royale game. If you’re in the latter of those camps, then sorry, but Epic probably isn’t about to pull the game, despite them teasing that “The End” is coming.

Yes, the internet is abuzz with speculation about what the phrase could mean after it was noticed that the game’s creative director, Donald Mustard, updated his Twitter location to “The End.”

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Credit: Epic Games

This wouldn’t be the first time that Mustard has given the world a cryptic clue into the future of Fortnite, and “The End” definitely ties in with a couple of theories floating around about the battle royale behemoth.

The game is currently at “The End” of its tenth season, and there’s reason to believe that Epic Games is set to destroy its current map and replace it with an entirely new one. Now that would definitely fit nicely with Mustard’s new Twitter location.

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Credit: Epic Games

There’s also a lot of people out there who believe that an Ender Dragon could be coming to the game, which to be honest, would be absolutely amazing.


Naturally there’s still a lot (a lot!) of gamers who want to see Epic Games completely pull the plug on Fortnite in favour of something new, and theories surrounding “The End” have lots of people hoping that after ten seasons this might actually be a real goodbye.

Considering that Fortnite is one of the biggest money-makers in video games history, I kind of think that Epic isn’t ready to say goodbye to the game just yet…although if “The End” really does mean The End, it’ll be a stunt for the ages.

What are you hoping “The End” for Fortnite is?

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games

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