The Lost Arcade is the Perfect Nostalgia Trip

If you’re a lover of retro video games then you’ll want to be checking out The History of Video Games ‘The Lost Arcade’ when it launches on the 25th October in Bristol. Running until the end of December it’s the perfect place for all types of gamers to head down and play.

It has over 100+ arcade machines, with a huge collection of retro consoles from Sega, Nintendo, Atari and Playstation – The Lost Arcade will also feature a pop up cinema showing entertaining films all about the history of video game culture.

The event is an all you can play video game event, so just pay to get in , then all the video games are free, no coins required!

What kind of games can you expect to see them? How about:

Crazy Taxi
The Simpsons Arcade
Double Dragon
Mortal Kombat 2
House Of The Dead

Donkey Kong
Track & Field
Space Invaders
Street Fighter 2… and so much more!

GameByte are extremely excited to be co-hosting the event with Future Artists and we can’t wait to see a whole host of gamers enjoy themselves in Bristol!