The Last of Us actor talks about major Season 2 death

With season one of HBO’s The Last of Us done and dusted, talk has turned to the upcoming second season. It has also got its actors talking.

Spoilers for The Last of Us Part 2 ahead

With season one wrapping up last month, fans are keeping an eye on social media to see what news we can learn about the next season. Alongside rumours surrounding who will play Abby, Dina and others, talk has also turned to that dreaded moment.

Screenshot of Troy Baker playing the role of James in The Last of Us
Credit: Polygon

It’s the end for one

For players familiar with the show’s source, we all know what to expect when the game’s sequel gets adapted to television. After killing a bunch of fireflies at the end of The Last of Us Part 1, Joel’s past catches up to him in the opening scenes of the sequel. 

We (and Ellie) watch on in horror as Joel is killed by a girl named Abby and we must spend the rest of the game getting revenge.

The show has happily deviated from the source – seen mostly during season 1, episode 3 which dedicated an entire episode to Bill and Frank’s love story. Additionally, game creator Neil Druckmann and show writer Craig Mazin have also said there will be a lot more content in the live adaptation. This could result in there being more than two seasons.

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This could mean that the game’s script isn’t followed completely. This has resulted in some fans even hoping Joel does not die, although that seems very unlikely.

The Last of Us Troy Baker on ‘that’ scene

Joel’s original actor for the games, Troy Baker recently spoke to TheGamer about his character’s untimely demise. 

“I want to see [Joel’s death] again. I want people to be able to wrestle with it. I did, and for me it’s a part of that story, it’s the truest version of that story,” Baker said.

“I know that Craig [Mazin] believes in the story we told in the games and we’ll do that. We’ll see how they do it, but I definitely feel that if we made people feel something we did our jobs, and that’s what we’re here to do.”