The Lord of the Rings Gollum Studio Daedalic Entertainment Shuts Down

After the underwhelming release of Daedalic Entertainment’s The Lord of the Rings Gollum, it has been announced that the studio is shutting down.

Released this May, Daedelic Entertainment’s The Lord of the Rings-inspired Gollum game was met with a disappointing response.

The stealth-based action adventure game was littered with bugs and performance issues as well as an incoherent story. 

As a result, it currently sits at a Mostly Negative rating on Steam. However, in more disappointing news, the studio behind it has announced it is shutting down despite rumours of a potential sequel. 

The Lord of the Rings Gollum Studio Daedalic Shuts Down

This news comes courtesy of Polygon who reveals that the Germany-based internal studio will be ending development and instead turning their attention to its publishing business.

In a statement, they said that Gollum “did not live up to the expectations we had for the game”. However, they are still working on a patch that will be released in the future. 

The studio also revealed that they would be ending development on another project based on The Lord of the Rings intellectual property. However, we have had no confirmation as to whether this referred to a sequel or a new project entirely. 

A Learning Experience

The statement from Daedalic also thanked the members of their team and assured them that they will help “our former employees in finding new opportunities within our network.”

Although the Gollum game didn’t go as expected, they are still “very grateful for the opportunity and the learning experience it brought us.”

Despite The Lord of the Rings Gollum being a disappointing 2023 release, it is still a shame to see another game company shut down. However, this is definitely not the end for Daedalic. We wish them all the best. 

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