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The Next Sims 4 DLC Appears To Have Been Leaked

The next piece of DLC for The Sims 4 DLC has leaked, in a now deleted tweet from leaker Aggiornamenti Lumia.

Announced last year, kits are smaller pieces of DLC that bring a range of additions to The Sims 4. And now, thanks to Aggiornamenti Lumia, we know that the next kit for The Sims 4 has leaked.

The kit is called the Carnival Street Wear Kit, and apparently has a release date of February 3 next month. While the tweet has since been deleted, it came accompanied with an image seen below. It shows one Sim wearing a pink, cropped, fish-scale-sequin top, and a low-rise miniskirt. Another Sim is wearing a neon green mesh shirt with leaf pattern shorts.

Credit: EA

Overall, it seems like it will be a clothing kit similar to the most recently released Modern Menswear kit. So far, kits have been quite poorly received by fans. When The Sims 4 launched, Stuff Packs only contained build items or new pieces of clothing. Fans weren’t happy with that, so Stuff Packs have evolved to add more gameplay features with them.

So when kits were introduced last year, fans compared them to what Stuff Packs were like in the early days. Kits are generally quite cheap DLC packs, but do not really add much to the overall game.

With a release date of early February, it’s likely we’ll soon be getting an official reveal of the Carnival Street Wear Kit. The Sims 4 has lots of new content planned for this year. So it also definitely will not be the only DLC announcement we see over the next few months.


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Featured Image Credit: EA