The Pokemon Company Launches Sound Library For Creators

The Pokemon Company has launched a Diamond and Pearl Sound Library for people to use in videos and other ways.

If you’ve been thinking ‘I sure would like to use music from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in my work’, you’re in luck. Because yesterday The Pokemon Company launched the DP Sound Library.

Essentially, the library seems to contain every music track from the original Diamond and Pearl for you to listen to. But more importantly, they’re all available to download for free. And you’re welcome to use them in a variety of ways.

The site provides guidelines on how you can and can’t use them. For example, you’re welcome to use the music as a background track in a YouTube video you have made. Or you could even use it as music that plays on your own site. You can also play the music at non-commercial events, like at a wedding or sports event. But the guidelines basically rule out any circumstance in which you profit from it at an event. And you definitely can’t use it in your own games.

While we’re sure this is going to be welcome to many Pokemon fans, the news comes at an awkward time. Nintendo just recently issued over 1300 copyright strikes against GilvaSunner, a music focused YouTube channel. GilvaSunner is known for posting a huge range of Nintendo music that simply isn’t available elsewhere.

So Nintendo filing all those copyright strikes feels unfair when it won’t even make its own music available. GilvaSunner has announced that they will be deleting their YouTube channel this Friday February 4, as they don’t feel it’s worth keeping the channel going anymore.

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Featured Image Credit: The Pokémon Company/ Nintendo