The Sims 4 Is Finally Welcoming Horses Back In An Upcoming Expansion

Despite originally releasing in 2014, The Sims 4 has yet to bring horses back from previous games. However, that is soon about to change. 

For Sims veterans, you’d know that horses have played an integral part in the life-sim experience in the past. However, despite The Sims 4 including dogs, cats and a variety of farm animals thanks to the Cottage Living pack, horses are still nowhere to be found. 

That is until Maxis announced their latest Sims 4 development roadmap. This featured two upcoming “bold kits” arriving between June and September as well as a “rootin’ tootin’ expansion”. 

The Sims 4 Is Finally Welcoming Horses Back

This news comes after EA accompanied this announcement with the link to a trailer that will be dropping on July 22, 6pm BST. This will be dedicated to the Wild-West inspired expansion and is titled ‘Take The Reins.’

YouTube video

As there is still a short wait for the trailer, we haven’t yet had confirmation that the expansion will include horses. However, with a Wild-West inspired teaser and the word ‘reins’ in the title, it’d be hard to believe it wouldn’t be equine themed. 

Not only that, but recent leaks have suggested the pack will be called Horse Ranch. This leak was posted alongside several screenshots showing Sims on a ranch with horses as well as lambs and goats.

We can also see our Sims barn dancing, tending to our horses in stables and even bringing them along to local competitions. 

A Whole New World

Judging by the teaser image and the knowledge that Cottage Living added a whole new map, we could expect the same for ‘Horse Ranch.’ With a setting that looks inspired by both the Wild West and desert-like environments, we could maybe see canyons and craggy vistas. 

However, until the official trailer drops, we can only speculate.

The Sims 4 is finally welcoming horses back to the game

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