The Sims 4 is releasing two new kits this month

Today saw the official Sims 4 Twitter account announce two of their upcoming kits which arrive later this month. Here’s what you can expect.

This news comes after the Sims 4 team announced “four new and unique kits + a hot new update” last week. Now it seems as though we will be getting two of these kits on April 20. The kits in question are titled ‘Greenhouse Haven Kit’ and the ‘Basement Treasure Kit’. Let’s take a look at what each one will feature.

Sims 4 Greenhouse Haven Kit

The first kit will focus on everything greenhouse related for your Sims. You will have to build your own structure and retreat in it to spend some quality time with your plants. 

Organize your perfect planting workspace, take in serene greenery & live out your gardening fantasies.”

The screenshot posted alongside the announcement shows a serene looking setting as two Sims enjoy their upgraded garden. We see a massive greenhouse in the background surrounded by planters and other gardening items such as watering cans, soil bags and towering sunflowers.

Screenshot of the upcoming Greenhouse Haven Kit coming to the Sims 4
Credit: The Sims 4

Sims 4 Basement Treasure Kit

The second kit is set to bring life to those basements we never really know what to do with.

“Uncover forgotten favorites & hand-me-down gems with The Sims 4 Basement Treasures Kit. With wear and tear from lots of use & love, create new memories from the old that add a little history to your décor.”

This time the screenshot shows a bunch of Sims hanging out in their newly furnished basement. We can see mattresses leaning against the walls, new chair and sofa items, a tv stand supporting a retro-looking tv and the cardboard boxes that decorate every basement area. 

Screenshot of the upcoming Basement Treasures Kit coming to the Sims 4
Credit: The Sims 4

At further inspection, you can also see what looks like a pile of board games, retro landline and even some snacks. This will be perfect for a hangout spot for your Sims away from the rest of the crazy household.

As mentioned, these kits will be available as of April 20. With kits usually getting rave reviews in the Sims 4 community, they are bound to be an excellent edition to your game.

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