The Steam Winter Sale Is Officially Live

It’s that time of the year once more. Steam has officially hit the big green button on its Winter sale, bringing lots of games down in cost with it. The sale officially started yesterday, (December 22nd) and will run through until January 5th.

Today’s headline sales include Jurassic Evolution 2, which is down by 30% to £34.99, Amazon’s New World MMO, which is down by 25% to 26.24, and the brilliant shooter Deathloop which is half price at 24.99. The games on sale will refresh everyday, so it’s well worth checking in each day. 

Steam summer sale 1
Credit: Steam

There are a number of featured franchises that have got sales across their catalogue. Players can pick up cheap games in the Civilization franchise, Half-Life and Batman. There are also a number of Dark Souls titles on sale, with up to 75% off. 

Much like other Steam sales, there are also items for users to collect. Steam will give away a free sticker every day. These stickers can be used in Steam’s chat. The stickers are random, so for example, I got a cute little bunny on a snowboard. It doesn’t do much, but it was free, so who am I to complain?

Elsewhere, data has shown that more people are playing the PS3 than the Xbox Series S|X. This is largely the result of both consoles being so difficult to buy, and will likely change when it becomes more widely available. 


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[Featured Image Credit: Steam]