The Vatican has Released a Pokémon GO Clone where you Collect Catholic Priests

Pokémon GO better watch out…

Credit: Niantic

The Vatican has commissioned a mobile game which is very similar to the massive Pokémon GO. It has one incredibly obvious difference – you will be catching Saints and other characters from the Bible. It is called Follow JC and is coming out in 2019.

When you find yourself a “blessed characters from the Bible” or another holy Saint you won’t have to throw holy water or communion wafers at them but simply answer some questions – presumably about Catholicism or Jesus.

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I am also hoping that there are characters like Noah (the one that built the arc) and Angel Gabriel who are classed as ‘legendary saints’ that would definitely make me play. I also wonder whether Catholic churches of the world will be the Pokémon GO gyms of this game. There is so much religious potential in this gem of a game I hope they take it all the way.

Before you ask – yes there are Microtransactions in the game however these are in the form of donations to charity rather than paying the company who made the game. One of the better microtransaction models I have come across it has to be said.

The app is actually out now but only available in Spanish. The full game is believed to be set for release in 2019 on ‘World Youth Day’.


This hasn’t been well received by all people though. Some Catholics believe that it is ‘Sacrilegious’ and should never have been made. Others I can see using it to teach children in their Sunday schools – which in turn would also make Sunday School slightly more fun (probably). I wonder if we will see the Pope wandering round Vatican City with his smart phone in hand answering questions about the saints of the Catholic world. Now that would be a sight.

Check out the slightly odd trailer for the game below:

Will you be giving this religious Pokémon GO clone a go or are you devout to the original Pokémon GO game?

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