Theories For The Last Of Us Part II Are Getting Wilder & Wilder

This week, The Last of Us Part II got itself a new trailer, a release date and some lucky ducks even got to go hands-on with the demo, but let’s talk about that trailer.

Revealed during Sony’s State of Play, the latest snippet of the game shows more about the game’s major themes, specifically focusing on Ellie and her revenge quest.

YouTube video

For some fans, it seems as though the trailer has given a clear-cut story of that game, with lots of people believing that Dina, Ellie’s love interest, gets killed and this is what sparks Ellie’s revenge streak.

However, this is Naughty Dog, so does that really sound as cut-and-dry as it looks?

Over on the Facebook group, The Last of US Part 2 (II), fans have been speculating on the plot of the game, and honestly these theories are wild.

One user writes: “Ellie’s revenge will be for them killing Dina…watch the trailer.. when she is playing the guitar it looks like it was ‘their place’…her and Dina. It definitely has the look of a home for the 2 of them?

Credit: Naughty Dog

“Things went bad and she killed the ones who killed Dina (hence all the bodies in the trailer video) in their home. Maybe they killed Dina thinking it was Ellie? That’s my take on the revenge story.

“As for Joel.. naughty dog has already confirmed it’s a trilogy (like a lot of their titles). My guess is that Joel may get captured and used as bait to lure Ellie into a trap. Trap fails, Joel gets mortally wounded, Ellie has to kill him before he turns.

“Part 3 of tlou will be her coming to terms with his death and total all out war with his killers.”

Credit: Naughty Dog

This fan isn’t the only one to consider a switch-and-bait from Naughty Dog, with lots of people subscribing to the theory that Joel might be the one to kick the bucket.

However, some people think it might actually be Ellie that dies.

Another user postulated: “I’ve been reading some theories about what Troy [Baker] said ‘You’re not ready for this’, and something crossed my mind.

“Everyone thinks that joel’s gonna get killed, but what if ellie is the one gettin killed? (I mean at some point near the end) dk about y’all but THAT is something i wouldn’t expect.”

Credit: Naughty Dog

What we haven’t yet seen is how the Fireflies will come into play for the new game.

On the Facebook group, one player theorised: “Ellie’s new girl is an undercover firefly. The fireflies that survive the hospital massacre in the first game and somehow Marlene survive and she knew Joel and Ellie would in up at Tommy’s place.

“Firefly made contact with Tommy and told him what really happened at the hospital. And it was planned to lure Ellie’s and Joel out of Tommy’s place to they can recaptured Ellie in order to find a cure . But an unexpected turn of events the cult in the trailer cross path Ellie’s so called girlfriend was killed by the cult and set Ellie’s on a rampage of revenge. And the reason Joel decides to follow and join her because he suspects something more is going on.”

Credit: Naughty Dog

Although the trailer poses what looks like an obvious storyline, there definitely are a dozen different ways that Naughty Dog can surprise us…

What do you think?

Featured Image Credit: Naughty Dog