Nicholas Cage’s Beloved Pig Needs Rescuing In His New Film, ‘Pig’

The man, the myth and the meme that is Nic Cage is at it again, and might possibly be set to deliver the performance of a lifetime in his next movie.

Nicholas Cage is a ‘National Treasure’; a man who can elevate any film with an outrageous performance. He’s taken ‘Faces Off’ with his performance and now is set to star in a new independent movie – named, simply ‘Pig.’

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Writer-director Michael Sarnoski called the film a “very strange world” in an interview with Variety, and honestly, we can see why.

Pig is set to see Cage perform as “a truffle hunter who lives alone in the wilderness of Oregon with his beloved foraging pig. When the pig is kidnapped, he must journey into Portland — and his long-abandoned past — to recover her.”

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It sounds like he’s a huge fan of that pig…

Basically, the story sounds like a more dramatic, less action packed version of John Wick.  Hopefully he won’t be ‘hogging’ all the limelight and give his co-star, Alex Wolff, a chance to shine.

Wolff rose to success in 2018’s Hereditary, after smaller roles in films such as Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle.

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What else do you need to know – it’s an easy sell. Kidnapping movies have a track record of being incredible (Taken and Gone Girl springs to mind) and Nicholas Cage is actually on something of a good movie kick at the minute.

With last year’s Mandy, the actor returned to form in the splatter-gore, intense and blood-soaked thriller directed by  Panos Cosmatos which drew a lot of love from critics and fans alike; it’s currently sitting at 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

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So if this ends up more as an intimate indie drama, rather than the knockabout comedy it initially sounds like it could actually be pretty phenomenal cinema.

That’ll do, Nicholas Cage. That’ll do.

Featured Image Credit: Colombia Pictures