There’s A Way Of Hiding Fortnite Ads – And Getting Paid To Do It

The most annoying thing about the internet is ads – right? Arguably, the most irritating thing about gaming right now is Fortnite. Both are everywhere. So when you get them together in the form of Fortnite ads… it’s hell.

The average person spends 24 hours a week online, according to a recent study. So that’s a lot of time spent seeing ads you’re not interested in.

However, did you know that there’s a way of hiding Fortnite ads, and getting paid for it? It’s like a dream scenario, I know.


A new plugin called Gener8 asks you which ads you want to see and which you don’t want to see. You just choose your preferences and you’ll only see ads for those things. It’s that simple.

According to their stats, the average user can get £20($26) -£40($52) a month just by adding the extension to their browser. It’s literally as simple as that.

Gener8 says: “Brands pay money to show you adverts online. Usually, this money goes to the website that displayed the ad. With Gener8 this money goes to you! We encourage you to donate this money to charity, but empower you to spend it how you like.”

Your data is already being sold to advertisers, so you might as well choose what you want to see, as well as getting paid for it.

The extension can be added on Firefox or Google Chrome.

Then, you start earning ‘tokens’ literally just by browsing the internet. You can earn 10 tokens for every friend that signs up using your own personalised referral link.

In 2020, Gener8 has promised to give 10% of its profits to the top 10,000 people who have referred the most friends to the add-on. So definitely worth shouting about during your next mission.

For a limited time only, Gener8 is randomly giving away £100 to someone every single weekday and if this isn’t enough, for every friend you invite to Gener8 you increase your chances of winning the £100!

Head over to their website here now, and check it out for yourself. May your future be bright, and less Fortnite-y.

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