There’s an official Lady Dimitrescu statue, but it will cost you a lot

Who wants a Lady Dimitrescu statue for $1,500/£1,200 from Resident Evil Village? We know you want it. Don’t lie!

Lady D took the internet by storm long before the release of Resident Evil Village due to her unique features. Standing at 9ft 6” tall, Lady D even casts a shadow over the likes of Mr X as well as the Nemesis.

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Sadly, the Tall Vampire Lady’s time in Resident Evil Village wasn’t perhaps what many fans had hoped. Thankfully, now you can get more Lady D and you can even take her home. Furthermore, you can even take her out on a date and introduce her to your family, if that’s your thing.

This is a ¼ scale Lady D!

Granted this Lady D statue created by PureArts isn’t the actual same height as her video game counterpart. However, it is still an impressive ¼ scale, making the statue nearly 3ft tall.

Credit: PureArts/Capcom

The Lady D statue also has synthetic pre-styled hair and a removable hat, as well as a “custom-tailored and weathered dress”.

Lady D can even pose with her menacing extended claws ready to slash your face or she can relax before slashing your face by posing with her cigarette holder. Our beloved Tall Vampire Lady is placed upon a highly detailed faux wood and marble base.

The Exclusive Edition is sold out!

Credit: PureArts/Capcom

An exclusive edition from PureArts includes a “life-sized” metal replica of Lady D’s key and is limited to only 100 units. Sadly, to no surprise whatsoever, this edition is now sold out. However, you can be placed on a waiting list.

That being said, there is also a non-exclusive edition from PureArts which is limited to 666 units and both statues aim to be shipped by Q3 2023.

Do you want more Lady D of Resident Evil Village? Of course, you do! So fear not, because GameByte has you covered. We got to speak to the real-life Lady D, Maggie Robertson and you can check out our interview below.

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Featured Image Credit: PureArts/Capcom/Source:PureArts