These Sneakers Are Actually An RTX 3080-Powered PC

Yes you’ve read the headline correctly, there are sneakers that are apparently an RTX 3080-powered PC. What a wonderful would we live in, right?

pc sneakers
Credit: Artifact Studios/NZXT

As spotted by PCGamer, the hardware sneakers are from NZXT, a manufacturer in the PC market that more commonly develop cases, accessories and components. However these sneakers really are something else.

The sneakers are also in collaboration with RTKFT, maker of “virtual and physical next-gen collectable sneakers for the best eSports, gaming and entertainment celebrities”.

In a tweet revealing the PC sneakers, Artifact Studios (of RTKFT Studios) proclaimed “SNEAKERS MASTER RACE”, obviously a play on the term “PC Master Race.”

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what these sneakers are. Are they sneakers that can power a PC or are they wearable sneakers with PC components tacked-on for no good reason?  Either way, I can’t see many people wearing these out in the public. [Editor’s note: I would DEFINITELY wear these out in public].

Judging by the small snippet of video footage in the tweet above, they do seem to be able to power a PC and if they are wearable, they don’t look all that comfortable.

In a follow-up tweet, Artifact Studios did attempt to elaborate on what the sneakers are all about.

We’re super excited to announce a partnership with NZXT, empowering RTFKT and our creators community to create the future of fashion and collectibles, powering our vision, community and crazy ideas with their awesome builds and love of gaming,” said the company.

Still I suppose someone with a very acquired taste and money to burn might have an interest in these strange collectible sneakers.

What do you think of these strange sneakers befitting of a true member of the PC Master Race society? Share your thoughts across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Artifact Studios/NZXT