This Death Stranding Cosplay Video Looks Like It’s Straight From The Game

A new video has taken cosplay to a new level, with the environment itself tailored to compliment the Death Stranding look and feel. 

Rescue the Princess, a Japanese Production studio which specialises in cosplay, fashion, gravure and event videos has released a new video. All we can say is: we’re seriously impressed.

We have become used to cosplayers matching tiny details of costuming and make-up. But in the latest video, Rescue the Princess have also found a perfect environment to match Death Stranding’s post-apocalyptic world.  Take a look for yourself:

YouTube video

As reported by Kotaku, the team used the setting of the volcanic Japanese island, Oshima, to mimic Death Stranding. Once the island of Oshima was a peninsula. However, erosion has washed away the land bridge that connected it to the mainland. It’s part of the Asamushi-Natsudomari Prefectural Natural Park (in case you felt like taking a trip to Death Stranding yourself).

Credit: Rescue the Princess/Raxy

The black sand and sparse landscape make a perfect backdrop to Raxy’s excellent cosplay of Sam Bridges. As well as the costume and the careful location selection, the video includes excellent special effects by Nathaland and cinematography by Lost Link. Filming support was provided by Tristan Junker.

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding has an iconic look and feel that Rescue the Princess and their team nailed. This video has gone beyond cosplay into a live-action mini-film based on Death Standing. And it looks incredible.

Credit: Kojima Productions

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Featured Image Credit: Rescue the Princess/Raxy