This Gaming Monitor Still Functions Despite Being Hit By A Bullet

We know cockroaches can survive nuclear bombs, and we know Twinkies will be around longer than the human race, but now we know that there’s a PC monitor that can withstand a gunshot.

PC user Eric Gan took to Twitter to share his experience after a bullet hit his MSI Optix G27C2 monitor.

Credit: MSI

He tweeted: “House just got shot by random stranger from the street. Msi monitor got hit and blocked the bullet and still functioning. What a day.. shout out to @msiUSA @msitweets”

Gan explained [via PCGamer] that a weapon was fired by an unknown person who was “partying behind the street.” A total of five shots were reportedly fired into Gan and his friend’s rooms and luckily, the two weren’t hurt.

Credit: MSI

One of the bullets struck the monitor, which shows nothing more than a dent from the attack. According to Gan, it’s still working perfectly.

Now, don’t forget that the bullet had already travelled through a wall before it hit the MSI Optix G27C2, making it considerably less powerful than just outright shooting the monitor, but it’s still hugely impressive.

Credit: MSI

Check out the extent of the damage in the tweets below.

The kind folks at MSI reached out to Gan and offered to replace the monitor in an incredibly kind gesture.

Featured Image Credit: MSI