This Half-Life Mod Lets You Play As Spyro The Dragon

A modder has made a Half-Life mod that lets you play as PS1 platformer icon Spyro the Dragon (thanks, Kotaku). 

Magic Nipples has developed a mod for the original Half-Life that brings Spyro the Dragon into its world. It’s not just a simple model swap between protagonist Gordon Freeman and the purple dragon. The mod changes how Half-Life plays. Say goodbye to your guns, and say hello to charging into things and platforming.

Magic Nipples has recently put out a new trailer showing off the mod, and it looks great. The trailer shows off a portion of Office Complex in action. And the description promises a new demo will be out soon. Judging from the date shown in the trailer, it will be out January 21.

YouTube video

The previous demo for Half-Life: Year of the Dragon was released back in 2018. So this will be the first bit of new playable content for the mod in a while. The game’s FAQ page says that Magic Nipples doesn’t plan to remake the entirety of Half-Life. Moreso the plan is to create a hub, like in the original Spyro. And then there will be around 10 Half-Life levels to playthrough, with changes to suit Spyro’s playstyle.

There’s no set release date planned for the full release of the mod. But a rough release window is currently “before 2024.” Magic Nipples also plans to include its on SDK, meaning fans can make their own levels and maps.

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Featured Image Credit: Valve/ Toys For Bob