This Mod Lets You Play Among Us In Dark Souls

If you find yourself wishing that there was some way to play Among Us in Dark Souls, then today is your lucky day.

It wasn’t too long ago that we were writing about InfernoPlus’ Dark Souls mod that adds Halo weapons into the game. Now, the modder has covered a big new gamemode that was added as part of his Dark Souls: Remastered mod.

The mode is called Trusty Turncoats, and works similarly to Among Us or Garry’s Mod’s Trouble in Terrorist Town. This 2.02 version of the mod puts you at the beginning of any area, with yourself and three other players. An item sets up the match, and Innocent players have to either reach a checkpoint or defeat a boss. The Traitor’s goal is to kill all of the other players. This might sound unbalanced, but friendly fire is turned on, so all players have to be careful when in combat. 

YouTube video

you’re suspicious

Where Trusty Turncoats differs from Trouble in Terrorist Town is the need to both figure out how the Traitor is, and to beat the level. TTT only needed you to figure out who the Traitor is, making it not that hard most of the time. The Traitor also receives four random items out of a list of 16 to help them out. One example includes an inconspicuous proximity mine that will detonate when a player gets to close. Another is a spell that forces a player to attack for a few seconds, and is completely undetectable. With items like those, you could easily get into some shenanigans.

The mod is available to download now, and has a whole host of other additions to the game too. With Among Us being the great social deduction game it is, and Dark Souls already being full of tricks, the two are a match made in heaven.

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Featured Image Credit: InfernoPlus/ Innersloth/ FromSoftware