This Dark Souls Mod Adds Halo Weapons To The Game And It’s Incredible

Modder InfernoPlus has made a mod that takes Dark Souls, and adds Halo weapons into the mix.

This crossover isn’t the first from InfernoPlus. Earlier this year, the modder released a mod that put Halo maps and Deathmatches into Dark Souls’ PVP mode Battle of Stoicism. The mod added in some abilities players could acquire to spice things up, as well as buffed some Dark Souls weapons and spells.

But now InfernoPlus has put out a mod that mixes Dark Souls and Halo weapons. The mod is somewhat of an expansion to the original, with all the new guns usable in the original multiplayer mod. Each of the new guns has custom animations. And in turn, the player model has unique animations for each gun handmade by InfernoPlus. 

Credit: InfernoPlus/ Microsoft/ FromSoftware

The mod didn’t just add weapons from Halo though. There’s new spells such as Martyrdom, with a description that reads “Release your inner Majin Vegeta and explode killing yourself and doing massive damage in your surroundings.”

All the new items and spells can be used in single player too, and plenty of them have some great uses. If the base game causes you a lot of trouble, it’s worth considering downloading this mod for a helping hand.

It’s important to note that this mod isn’t endorsed by Microsoft or FromSoftware. And installing mods can get you banned from online play in the base version of Dark Souls. So before downloading the mod, take that into consideration.

If you want to see the mod in action, you can watch a video InfernoPlus put out a showing it off below.

YouTube video

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Featured Image Credit: InfernoPlus/ Microsoft/ FromSoftware