This Super Mario Odyssey HUD Challenge Speedrun Is Ridiculous

Speedrunner DougDoug has pulled off the perfect Super Mario Odyssey speedrun by adding a HUD from a different game every five minutes.

If you didn’t know, speed running is hard. Some games take barely any time at all, others are hours long, gruelling experiences. The Super Mario Odyssey speed run strikes an alright middle ground, only around an hour in length. So of course, speed runner DougDoug thought it would be a good idea to make it harder. 

The idea is simple: set up a spinning wheel with names from a whole range of games with HUDs. Then every five minutes, spin the wheel, and add the HUD from that game into OBS, the streaming software. The goal was to try and match DougDoug’s previous record of one hour, 11 minutes, and 21 seconds. This was of course gradually impeded by the HUD itself, but OBS also has a slight delay, making it extra challenging.

YouTube video

Spoiler alert: DougDoug didn’t do it. However, the final time was a very respectable two hours, 30 minutes, and three seconds. But the final screen, as seen in the video above, is absolutely ridiculous. The final section where Mario takes over Bowser took about half an hour just on its own. And right before the run was technically over, DougDoug did add in one final HUD as another five minutes had passed. Technically speaking. 

The whole video really is worth watching, as for most people this would be completely unplayable. But if you fancy trying it out, all you need is a capture card, Mario Odyssey, and a whole lot of patience.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/ DougDoug