Guilty Gear Fan Favourite Baiken Is Coming To Strive This Week

Guilty Gear Strive is finally seeing the arrival of fan favourite character Baiken, who will be added as the fourth DLC character later this week. 

Baiken was officially revealed to be joining Guilty Gear Strive last month. But last night she finally received her release date, and she’ll be added to the game this Friday, January 28. Though it should be noted that this is only for season pass holders. If you don’t own the pass and just want to buy Baiken, you will have to wait until January 31. She will also be bringing a new stage with her, a Japanese themed stage called Lap of the Kami. 

YouTube video

Arcsystemworks also showed off Baiken in action with a starter guide. She looks to be a character with a good handle on mid-range attacks. A move called Kabari allows her to bring opponents close to her, and then attach them to herself. It looks like there will be a lot of room for interesting combos while attached. Overall she looks to be quite a departure from her previous outing in Guilty Gear Xrd. But a lot of characters have changed in Strive, which has drawn some criticisms from fans of the older games.

Guilty Gear Strive’s season pass has release four characters so far, the last being Happy Chaos, and Baiken being the latest. Lap of the Kami is the first new stage, but another stage is set to be added with the last character. And the final character should be bringing some new story content too.

Baiken is available January 28 for season pass holders, and January 31 for everyone else, on PS4, PS5, and PC.

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Featured Image Credit: arcsystemworks