TimeSplitters 2 Is Fully Playable In 4K On Modern Platforms Thanks To Easter Egg

The full TimeSplitters 2 is playable on Homefront: The Revolution thanks to an Easter egg left by one of the game’s developers.

TimeSplitter 2 art
Credit: Eidos Interactive

Homefront: The Revolution released in 2016 and was the sequel to the 2011 game from Kaos Studio, a development team that no longer exists by name.

From what I hear, Homefront: The Revolution developed by Dambuster Studios, is now a much better game than when it initially released.

When Homefront: The Revolution first released, it was a buggy mess, to say the least. However, the developers have fixed the game to be in a much better state.

timesplitters 2
Credit: Eidos Interactive

While Homefront: The Revolution is apparently much improved, it received a low Metacritic score of around 50 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One when it released.

Yet, the game has received a big surge in player activity in recent days, thanks to an awesome Easter egg.

It’s quite common knowledge that hidden away in Homefront: Revolution, the first two levels of TimeSplitters 2 are playable in-game. You can play TimeSplitters 2 via an arcade cabinet at around the six-hour mark in the campaign.  

However, it has recently been discovered that the entire TimeSplitters 2 game is fully playable within Homefront: The Revolution.

YouTube video

What makes this incredible Easter egg even better is that on compatible platforms, you can play this version of TimeSplitters 2 in glorious 4K!

As long as you own a copy of Homefront: The Revolution (which I randomly have somewhere), you can play TimeSplitters 2 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

However, to also access TimeSplitters 2 in-game, you essentially need some good old cheat codes!  Thankfully YouTuber and video game hacker Lance McDonald has shown us those very codes in a tweet below.

I know this isn’t the TimeSplitters 2 remaster that we’ve been waiting for, but I think it will certainly do for now.

Plus if you don’t own Homefront: The Revolution, it currently has an 85% discount on the Xbox Marketplace costing just a mere £4.49. I bet Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver have seen a sharp increase in sales over the last few days!

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Featured Image Credit: Eidos Interactive