Top Streamers Are Making $50K An Hour To Play New Games

We all know that the top tier of livestreamers make serious bank. The likes of Shroud, Ninja and DrDisrespect are bringing in the big bucks with their streams thanks to their millions of followers, and being a successful Twitch streamer is the aspiration of most Fortnite players right now.

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What you might not know is just how much money they bring in (or you probably do, if you’ve read the title) but $50,000 USD for just an hour of playtime is absolutely crazy.

A report from Wall Street Journal spilled the beans on just how much streamers are paid to showcase a new game for their millions of supporters.

Kotaku went on to not only validate the WSJ’s claims, but also found that $50,000 isn’t even the most that some publishers will pay to certain streamers.

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“We’ve seen offers well over $50K an hour, as well as many six- and seven-figure deals for longer-term engagements,” said Omeed Dariani, CEO of the Online Performers Group to Kotaku. “I can’t share specific companies, as the payment terms are usually confidential. We had one offer from a AAA publisher that was $60K per hour for two hours. The broadcaster declined it—and the publisher came back with a ‘blank check’ offer, which was still declined.”

Of course, when it comes to advertising your game, there’s few things as successful as getting a top tier streamer to show it off.

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Not only will the game immediately reach millions of players, but it’ll also get people wanting to play simply because they’re fans of the person playing it.

Oftentimes, a streamer is more likely to reach more people than a standard banner advert on a website, making it a very lucrative prospect for publishers looking for advertisement.

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$50K an hour is just a little more than I thought a streamer might make though…

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